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oXeanpedia and the revolution of deep-sea fishing


less bycatch will raise a sustainable and efficient deep-sea fishing

The perfect fishing is as far as possible free of bycatch, as this not only harms the environment, but also greatly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of fishing cutters. One method of proactively reducing this by-catch, and not just relying on one's own expertise, has not existed in such an effective form. In order to solve this problem of unwanted by-catch and to make fishing not only more effective but also more sustainable, we developed the oXeanseeker for you.

The oXeanseeker will enable you in the future deep insights into the underwater world. So in the future you will not only know that something is under your boat you will also detailed know what exactly under your boat is.



The oXeanseeker is simply thrown into the water after a positive result on your sonar. Self-sufficient, he dives towards the potential catch and captures video sequences. Once the swarm has been thoroughly analyzed, the oXeanseeker shows up and sends you the data, such as the potential by-catch rate, onto your bridge. Now it can be decided whether a catch makes economic sense. You will receive a self-sufficient decision from the oXeanseeker, which will improve your fishing quality enormously. The oXeanseeker will not only revolutionize fishing it will make it also more sustainable and effective for you.

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