Know at any time what happens underwater

The oXeansseker is an autonomous underwater vehicle, which can be used for various customer groups due to its modular construction. The oXeanseeker can be used for example for fishing, search & rescue or studies for the oil and gas industry.


oXeanpedia - the surveying of the oceans

Approximately 70% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. But what happens under the surface of the sea day by day is still largely unexplored. To change this, oXeanpedia developed the oXeanseeker, an autonomous underwater vehicle. The oXeanseeker makes it possible to explore conditions under water. By its variable applicability the oXeanseeker will support our customers in deep-sea fishing as well as in marine research to act more economically, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Know at any time what happens underwater
  • Revolutionizes the fishing industry
  • Promotes the sustainability of the oceans
  • innovative - autonomous – self learning


The oXeanseeker - The innovative, autonomous underwater vehicle

The oXeanseeker is an autonomous underwater vehicle developed in 2017, which can be uniquely adapted to each customer group due to its modular construction. Its dynamic design enables it to travel autonomously for several hours and to reach depths of up to 400 metres. The oXeanseeker is equipped with various sensors and three high-contrast industrial cameras

Facts & Highlights

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
  • Fully automatic image recognition and analysis of fish with regard to species and size
  • Very robust design
  • Easy to use


Dimensions Length approx. 100cm / Diameter approx. 20cm
Weight approx. 10kg
Range approx. 4h @ 4kn
diving depth 400m

Von Bis Event Ort
09.02.2020 12.02.2020 Fish International Bremen
18.08.2020 21.08.2020 NOR Fishing Trondheim
23.09.2020 25.09.2020 Iceland Fishing Expo Reykjavik

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The oXeanseeker
Smart autonomous underwater vehicle for multiple applications

About us

Start des Projektes oXeanpedia in der tk innovation garage

Bau des oXeanseeker 1.0

Bau des oXeanseeker V1.1

Start der Softwareentwicklung

oXeanseeker V1.3

Fischerkennungssoftware erkennt Hering, Makrele und Dorsch

Testen verschiedener Sonare

Design des Hammerhead

Launch oXeanseeker V1.4 „Hammerhead“


Max Abildgaard
Product Manager oXeanseeker
Sebaldsbrücker Heerstraße 235
28309 Bremen
Marc Bornefeld
Sales, Marketing, Funding
Graf-Galen-Straße 17
59269 Beckum
Marc Schiemann
Product Manager oXeanseeker
Werftstraße 112-114
24143 Kiel


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